"...comparable to fellow Florida bands like Iced Earth and Crimson Glory..." -Aardschok Magazine
"...classic power metal of the melodic kind..." -Scream Magazine
"...deserves the superballs award for sticking to their guns..." -Connections Magazine
-Get Away-
-The Horseman-
-Ripped Steel Skin-
-Time Alone-
-None I Assume-
-Solitude / Dead and Gone-

-08/06/2006- Yes, unfortunately the release of One More Breath is behind schedule. However, the train is back in gear and 3 more songs are laid down; bringing the total now to 6 songs. We plan to have a couple instrumentals, so that means the album really is nearly done! There is a new audio clip posted on the Music page, just to let you all know that we aren't dead yet! Thanks again for everyon'e support and patience.

-09/29/2005- ProgPower USA VI was an absolute blast, look for us on the complilation CD set! We are on the third disc, track 4. Volume I is continuing to sell well worldwide; we thank all our fans for their continued support. We are now announcing the inclusion of an exclusive preview disc of the new album, "One More Breath" with every CD order. "One More Breath" is about halfway completed, we are VERY excited about this release. Creatively, we have some great ideas in store; we are planning for a Winter 2005 release.

-04/28/2005- Those attending ProgPower USA Vi in Atlanta, GA will be treated to yet another Ezra Stone track on the ProgPower Compilation Discs. Special thanks goes out to Deron Blevins for that. ProgPower has sold out in a record 3 days, it's sure to be a killer show! See you there!

-04/03/2005- Three tracks are now completed of the new CD. Now starting the fourth track, we are very happy with the progress. Some of you may have noticed a new voice on the new album's samples. Ezra Stone has brought on vocalist Rob Ray for the project. We are very pleased with his vocal performance, sure to take One More Breath to the next level. Ezra Stone would also like to thank Larry Drescher for his numerous contributions to the project, namely some slammin' drum tracks!

-03/15/2005- A few catch-up details... the video is now up, there is a link to it from the Home page. This past weekend, the vocals and guitars were recorded for the next track (and title track) of the CD, One More Breath. Ezra Stone has brought on Damian Rogers to tear up the Lead Guitar tracks of the album; and we are very excited to have him aboard. If you haven't already, be sure to take a listen to "Road Called Anywhere" in the Music section for a tasty morsel of shred. Damian and Kenny along with mutual close friend Joe Despagni recently caught up with Steve Vai at the Tampa Theater. Joe is a lifelong friend of Steve Vai, and built the very first JEM guitars. Check out pics of this event on the Images page. Both Damian and Kenny play their own signature JEM Customs.

-03/11/2005- New audio samples are posted in the Music section. You can now buy Volume I online!!! Three tracks almost complete on the new album; soon we will be posting a short video clip of Ezra Stone hard at work. Check back with us often, the site will be growing fast. We will also be adding Merchandise for whom listening to Ezra Stone just isn't enough! Ezra Wearz! We will have hats, do-rags, t-shirts, and possibly a few barbaric gardening utensils.

-02/15/2005- Beta release of the new website... Two tracks of the new album are now complete; audio samples will be posted in the Music section soon. For now, check out the Images, Press and Music sections.

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