"...comparable to fellow Florida bands like Iced Earth and Crimson Glory..." -Aardschok Magazine
"...classic power metal of the melodic kind..." -Scream Magazine
"...deserves the superballs award for sticking to their guns..." -Connections Magazine
-Get Away-
-The Horseman-
-Ripped Steel Skin-
-Time Alone-
-None I Assume-
-Solitude / Dead and Gone-

The difference between self released CDs and CD demos gets smaller by the day with the advancement of digital recording techniques. As a consequence I don't know in which catergory Ezra Stone’s “Volume 1” belongs. But fact is that the 9 tracks on the CD sound nice to my ears. The metal by the Orlando six piece is comparable to fellow Florida bands like Iced Earth and Crimson Glory and on the track Nightcaller there is some Savatage influence to be heard, mainly because of the bombastic keyboards. All in all it’s melodic metal that dominates. -Metal Mike

Aardschok, August 2004

Ezra Stone is a new American power metal band that tries to make it on their own. The band has played support for some major bands like Edguy, Rob Rock .... etc. and now they have released their first Album. And this has been a tasty bite! The band plays classic power metal of the melodic kind, They sure know how to write songs and the performances are great! I can't see how this band doesn't get a record deal based on this release. This is awesome symphonic power metal! -Frode Dien

Scream, Aug 2004


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